What are the creative and unique Indian wedding return gifts ideas?

What are the creative and unique Indian wedding return gifts ideas?

They have invested the necessary time and energy to grace the pious and beautiful event with their presence. And we should express our heartfelt gratitude to them with more than words. Giving your visitors well-chosen Indian wedding return giftsexpresses your gratitude for their being there for you.

Make an easy task of Indian wedding return gifts ideas

The work of choosing gifts is one that must be completed as soon as you can nevertheless, it is hard to choose the perfect gift for everyone. Instead, you may just divide the group up into several age-related categories before deciding on a common present for each one. For instance think that all of your younger cousins can receive chocolate boxes that will make them giddy, or that your older cousins can receive lucky charms or items that they can display in their homes for décor.

You can always choose boxes of sweets or chocolate as shagun for your in-laws and esteemed friends, and you will receive their blessings. In fact, recent surveys have proved that even in Indian weddings, chocolate is one of the most popular wedding return gifts ideas for young and old alike. When you finalise your wedding gift, give it considerable thought. It should express your gratitude and appreciation for their presence.

Stay safe with traditional Indian wedding return gifts ideas

There are some time-tested wedding gifts that have been in existence for a long time in traditional Indian weddings. With these gifts, you do not have to think twice because they signify your good wishes and gratitude without so many words. For instance, you can opt for small idols of Lakshmi and Ganesh which are excellent if your guests are Hindu. This is because the pair of Lakshmi and Ganesh signify the abundance of wealth, health, and happiness for the recipients.

The other traditional Indian wedding return gift ideas include Om or Swastika made of silver or gold. Silver and gold coins, Ethnic Diyas made of silver or brass, Potli bags with pot pouri or dry fruits, Kumkum Boxes, and much more can be included in the wedding return gifts ideas. BMP weddings planner we first take a look at your wedding guests list and try to discern what they may actually like. For instance, if the gathering of guests is very large then gold coins can be a little on the expensive side. Here silver coins can do the wonderful task of expressing gratitude because just like gold, silver too expresses the wishes of wealth and happiness to be bestowed on the recipients.

Go green with your Indian wedding return gifts

Apart from the belief in rites and rituals and the positive image that precious metals and above-mentioned gift items, most people nowadays are interested in eco-friendly items in their daily lives. If you choose such greenwedding return gifts ideas, they will no doubt be pleased with your conscientious thought of not just doing the best for the planet Earth but also a thoughtfulness about their future generations. In this category, you can choose plant saplings in a properly decorated pot, jute and wooden jewelry, hand-painted flower pots, and much more. With us you will get a lot of variety no matter which category of wedding return gifts you wish to choose for your guests.

Off-beat wedding return gifts ideas

If you want to give your guests something that they will appreciate in spite of being somewhat aloof from the beaten path, then you can opt for jars of exotic teas or coffees, embroidered clutches for the ladies, exotic hand-made incense sticks, cookies, perfumed candles or essential oils. Here we will help you to carefully choose the right match with the right person.

This is not the end of the list of Indian wedding return gifts ideas for your wedding guests. Instead, it is just the beginning of a lot of inspired thinking which will have your guests blessing you with their hearts and soul. You need to understand that most wedding guests have to take out time of their busy schedules and the least you can do is to give them something that will remind them of your special day for a long time.