How to choose the best varmala designs for weddings

How to choose the best varmala designs for weddings

, is one such lovely custom. Make the right choice and decision because this garland will appear in the majority of your wedding day pictures. Here are some suggestions for selecting the ideal varmaladesigns for wedding.

Coordinate the varmala designs for wedding with your wedding outfit

Choose a garland that goes well with the hues of your bridal attire. Even the groom should opt for a varmala that goes with the hues of his special wedding garments. You can also get ideas from the embroidery and accents on your clothing. Choose a sophisticated and delicate mala if your clothing is heavy. And choose a heavier garland if your outfit is plain.

Choose a mala which complements the décor

If you choose BMP weddings as your wedding planner then you can be assured that we will not just decide and execute the décor of the wedding venue, but also choose the essential things like the right varmala design that suits the venue decoration. Such coordination of choices is especially important in the theme wedding decorations. You can get creative with the jaimala design especially if your wedding is being held at a beach or other exotic destinations. For beach weddings it is a great idea to choose a varmala with lotus or lilies. If the theme of your wedding is red and gold then you should choose orange flowers in the varmala or jaimala.

Varmala design for wedding should also keep the traditions in mind

For instance, size of the garlands and the choice of flowers differ from one community to another. So you should keep the traditions of your community in mind. However, nowadays most weddings are inter community and you should opt for the garlands which represent this union. Of course most of the times, you will find that the best varmaladesignfor a wedding is the one that symbolises this union. In this situation it is a good idea to choose one that has a combination of different flowers. Do not simply settle down for the white and red combination of mogra and roses that you usually see in the regular weddings. Choose the flowers and the varmala design in such a way that your choice attracts the attention of the guests.

Choose flowers according to the season

Here you should bear in mind that flowers traditionally used in Varmala design for weddings are available throughout the year. The choice of flowers may sometimes become limited during the summer season, but we at BMP weddings planners ensure that our clients are able to find the flowers that they want even during off season. It is to be borne in mind that good florists make sure that even the exotic flowers for varmala are available even in the summer season. It is also very important to make sure that best varmala design is created with totally fresh flowers because, they need to look fresh throughout the ceremony.

With BMP weddings you simply need to discuss your preferences and we will take care of the rest. As we plan the wedding venue decoration we will also ensure that you get fresh and exotic flowers for an interesting varmala for that special ritual that stands for the union of two souls.