Wedding planning checklist

Wedding planning checklist

If the question has been popped and both of you are dreaming of your life happily ever after, then it is the right time to start planning for the big day. Here you should bear in mind that you should ideally have a 12-month wait after the engagement in order to plan well for your wedding day. However, most good wedding planners are adept at planning a wedding in a jiffy, and that too with all the frills and feathers that you are dreaming about your big day. In fact, BMP wedding planners have planned many lavish weddings at very short notice.

Wedding planning checklist for a 6-month timeline

So considering that you have around 6 month time at your hands then the first month should be spent doing all the wedding planning checklist tasks in the first month. You will then have sufficient time in order to take care of the wedding necessities. It is ideal to hire a well-experienced wedding planning company that will be able to guide you regarding the best options for each requirement of a wedding. We all know that weddings in India are grand affairs and there are a lot of things like deciding the venue, arranging decorations, etc. It is best to hire a wedding planner if you want all these things to be done without causing you stress. So let us see the checklist which you should make in the first month after your engagement.

Decide upon a realistic budget

It is best to start a detailed spreadsheet which you can consult during the entire planning duration. You should decide on a realistic budget and this budget will be more accurate if made by a wedding planner. At the same time, you should try to book the venue and other vendors in advance because in our country the different mahuratas fall at particular times during the year. So if during the peak wedding season, you start looking for these things then you will not just end up with a huge hole in your pocket, but sometimes you may not get the right venue or other items due to the wedding season rush.

Hire a wedding planner to finalize the wedding planning checklist

The next most important thing to do in your wedding planning checklist is to hire a good wedding planner and you can get references from relatives and friends. But if you go through our official website, then you will understand that we have sufficient experience in planning weddings of different budgets. In fact, we are capable of planning a wedding on stringent budgets and also will be able to plan a destination wedding at a reasonable cost. Looking at the rising demand for destination weddings, we have made tie-ups with the management of popular wedding destinations in and around Delhi and will provide you with the dream wedding that you have always dreamt of.

Decide on the guest list

As your wedding planner, we will help you in designing the invitations and whether you are sending invites on WhatsApp or going about it an old-fashioned manner, we will be able to help you to do so within your budget. Here you also need to understand that the length of your guest list also depends on your budget. The ideal situation is when the bride and groom are sharing equal responsibility of the expense of the wedding. On the other hand, you should also prioritize, because you should not only invite close relatives and friends but also people from your social circle who have been inviting you to their functions.

Of course, if you have hired BMP wedding planners in Delhi then you need not worry about the menu for the wedding and reception party. Instead, you can take time to pamper yourself at a good salon so that you look your best for the big day and this is true for both the bride and groom. Leave all the hassles and planning to us and simply enjoy your time before you embark on a totally new and different journey of spending your entire life with a well-chosen partner. Once you hire us you can rest assured that everything will go as planned in the wedding planning checklist you have created with us and entrusted to us.