Luxury Wedding Venues in Delhi - Check Prices & Get Quotes

Luxury Wedding Venues in Delhi - Check Prices & Get Quotes

It goes while not expression that you just wish your day to possess associate degree overall “feel”, right? Best wedding venues therefore if you’re wanting a at ease, all-natural ceremony with simply many shut friends, you most likely wouldn’t select a contemporary picture gallery as your venue.

Luxury Wedding Venues in Delhi  by BMP Weddings

And on the opposite facet of that coin, if you’re trying to find an awfully elegant, polished day, dragging chairs through the sand on the beach in all probability won’t work. Use your Best wedding venues wedding vision as a start line to slender down the list of venue potentialities.

Once you’ve got an inspiration of however you would like your wedding to seem, feel and be remembered in photos, the ensuing step is to seek out a marriage venue that matches your vogue. Here best wedding venues area unit some ideas to induce your artistic juices flowing.


Nothing is a lot of stunning than a marriage that lets the bride and groom’s relationship represent itself. Ancient wedding venues evoke a way of history and inheritance, and let the peculiarity of the day shine while not fuss or distraction. an exquisite church, order, or course might offer the right background for a few wanting an unaltered and classic feel to their day.


Clean, crisp and minimalistic area unit words that describe a contemporary wedding. Best wedding venues explore for venues with elegant, open areas while not loads of “busy” backdrops. Art galleries, trendy restaurants, loft venues, and warehouses will offer a blank canvas quite area for your wedding vision to come back to life.


For best wedding venues lot of bohemian ambiance, get outdoors. associate degree al fresco wedding provides your ceremony a recent, organic feel that wraps you and your guests within the best that nature needs to supply. have confidence associate degree ocean-front ceremony on the beach or an exquisite wedding on the field of the park Best wedding venues wherever you met. Biological science gardens also are an honest possibility for a natural feel that have a weather-proof guarantee!


For Best wedding venues lot of down-home feel, a country venue will offer straightforward magnificence for a marriage celebration. With Best wedding venues the pliability to be each inside and out, a country venue permits your temperament to shine through. Assume barn venues, farms, ranches and wineries.


A couple with associate degree previous soul can appreciate the mainBest wedding venues points that associate degree historic venue needs to supply. TheBest wedding venues intimate setting of associate degree previous library or the marble floors of a nineteenth century post workplace cue individuals of an easier time. a marriage in a very vintage location is charming and unhappy.


Soft, twinkling lights and cascading florals whisk your guests to the fairytale wedding you’ve perpetually unreal of. Romantic Best wedding venues amplify the love that you’re celebrating on your day and guests can swoon after you prefer to have your wedding in a sublime building room, a historic mansion or perhaps a castle.


If you’re dreaming of a Caribbean beach wedding or ceremony on the freshly-powdered ski slopes, keep in mind that guests is also travelling a awfully good distance. Best wedding venues A smaller guest list makes destination weddings intimate and unforgettable, to not mention the lingering photos you’ll have forever!

Your guests matter

When you area unit selecting a marriage venue, your guest list can play a giant role in wherever you ultimately tie the knot.Best wedding venues the most important issue your guests can play is what percentage individuals will truly work into your venue area.

A guest list that’s pushing three hundred individuals won’t add an associate degree intimate country church. YourBest wedding venues guests might not all be able to physically work within the church. If you are doing manage to suit everybody within, likelihood is that they'd be squished along into pews or tucked into uncomfortable corners on folding chairs. They’ll Best wedding venues be uncomfortable, and that they came to check your wedding, not the rear of someone’s head or a support beam of the building. Plus, you don’t wish your wedding photos to indicate your guests cumulous into a venue like sardines.

When you have your guest Best wedding venues list narrowed all the way down to the foremost necessary individuals, have this range prepared after you create your venue tour set up. By Best wedding venues business ahead and looking for what percentage of individuals will be accommodated, you’ll understand at once whether or not or not a venue can work.

Another way your guests will have an effect Best wedding venues on that venue you decide on is by assessing the venue’s accessibility. If a number of your necessary guests can’t simply walk down a forest path or aren’t able to sit outdoors well, you want to have confidence however your venue will accommodate these wants.

Your guests’ comfort is another issue to contemplate. If you decide on an outside area, is there shade accessible just in case} the sun is extremely hot? Is there an associate degree alternate area in case of inclement weather? can guests be able to see your ceremony and reception events from each angle within the venue or area unit there some barred viewpoints?

Making sure your guests have an honest time is very important, however don’t let that be the sole issue you think that regarding once selecting a venue. It’s your massive day, when all! Look to seek out a balance between the items you would like and accessibility for your guests.

Do some analysis

As you start your exploration for the right venue, some straightforward online analysis might assist you in slender the sector.

Not sure wherever to start? Wedding blogs and forums area unit a good thanks to see what alternative brides have done and what has worked well in numerous varieties of venues. These sites will spur your imagination and assist you to visualize what you would like your day to seem like.

Once you have got a “potential venue list”, explore real weddings that have taken place at those venues. Attempt doing a fast Google pictures search by coming into “venue name + wedding” in the search bar. you ought to begin finding images of past weddings commanded at the venue location. If you are doing a lot of digs, you would possibly even discover links to the vendors these past couples used for his or her big day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I Need a Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner is involved in the planning and design of a wedding from start to end. The team can assist couples in developing a budget, locating and organizing, and scheduling the wedding and reception on the wedding day. A good wedding planner is approachable and attentive to his clients at all hours of the day.

Q. Do you have wedding planners in Delhi?

Nothing is more important than planning for a large Indian wedding, and there are numerous wedding planners in Delhi. So, if you live in the capital and are planning a wedding, we're here to help you by organising your wedding in a pleasing environment and at affordable prices.

Q. How much does a wedding planner cost?

The minimal price for hiring a wedding planner is roughly Rs 10-15 Lakhs. However, it is an estimated cost, price can be varied based on the services. This estimate covers the costs of the venue, cuisine, decor, and accommodations.

Q. What is included in wedding planning services?

Wedding planning services include: Decor and Design, Destination and Venue Entertainment, Pre Wedding celebrations, Food and Beverages, wedding budget, return gifts, and many others. By choosing SMLW to arrange your wedding from beginning to realisation, we do so in the most practical manner while ensuring glamour.

Q. Why Wedding planners are important?

Wedding planners make your tasks simple. They will provide you with honest guidance and full-time help, advising and supporting you all the way until the wedding. They will handle the accommodations, decorations, and more.

Q. What is the average cost of weddings you plan?

The cost of a wedding depends on the decoration, and venue and is dependent on the company's popularity. All of this is also dependent on the wedding's budget or size.

Q. How many people from your team will be present?

There is a decent possibility that only 75–80% of the 100 people you invite will attend the wedding celebrations, if not even less, according to study. We may still expect approx 70% of guests to attend your lovely wedding because the prospect of attaining 100% capacity is lower.

Q. What does an wedding event planner do?

A wedding planner is a professional who works with a client to design, arrange, and manage their wedding. They manage Wedding Finances, Guest Lists & Coordination, and the whole event according to client’s preferences.

Q - Are the wedding planners mentioned on the list of Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR on Wedding Bazaar professionals?

Absolutely! All the wedding planners listed on Wedding Bazaar are not only professionals but are very carefully selected by our experts. They are the best ones in the industry.

Q - What is the cost of hiring a Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR?

There’s no fixed price. The pioneers charge you more than the new ones. The cost also depends on your requirement. Wedding planners will charge you more for full wedding planning while in case of partial one, they will charge you only for the service you are hiring them for. Partial wedding planners do not interfere in any arrangement other than the one they are getting paid for.