Budget friendly wedding planners

Budget friendly wedding planners

What to look for in a budget friendly wedding planners

Wedding planning requires a lot of planning and hard work, from choosing the theme of your event to locating the ideal site. The list goes on and on. We devote our hearts and souls to making our event truly unique. Wouldn't it be simpler if there was a list of dos and don'ts when organizing a destination wedding in India? It would also help you a lot if you opt to hire the services of a budget friendly wedding planners. And if you have stumbled upon our website then we at BMP Weddings are the best choice for you especially if you are looking for some destination close to Delhi. This is a guide to planning a destination wedding in India that will fill your photo album with unique and timeless memories for future generations.

Budget-friendly destination wedding 

If you want Budget-friendly destination wedding then it is very crucial to hire a good budget friendly wedding planners to save on the cost of the entire procedure. Indian weddings nowadays are grand affairs and every couple wants to make the memories of this day special. However, if you try to adopt a DIY approach for a destination wedding then you will be asking for not just a lot of hassles, but also quite a large expense.

This is because professional wedding planners like BMP Weddings have close tie-ups with the owners of the destinations around their working arena. At the same time, they have within their reach the different vendors who will be able to provide you with reasonable costs in the areas of venue décor, catering, etc. This is why they are able to get these services at a reasonable rate for you. Wedding planners like us are adept at making sure that all the functions related to your wedding run smoothly and all the rituals are followed. Indian weddings also involve a lot of religious rites and rituals both before and during the wedding and you can rely on a good wedding planner to arrange for the priest and other requirements of these rites and rituals.

Budget friendly destination wedding locations

When it comes to decorating a site/venue for a destination wedding, you need to be cautious. Wouldn't you want to decorate the space in a way that it actually deserves if you were spending a lot of money on it? A good budget friendly destination wedding location is very important. Keep things simple if it's on a beach somewhere. Use pastel colors, make it airy, and keep it basic but elegant. If it's in a palace, then make it look extravagant. Use extravagant chandeliers and Jhumars and make them the focal point of your elaborate decor.

Weddings of a couple belonging to different parts of the country will require different décor themes. For instance, for a South Indian wedding, you will need to use a maximum amount of jasmine flowers. A canopy-style mandap is in trend nowadays and you can add a rustic feel to your décor with the help of such a mandap and other décor ideas. A budget friendly wedding planners will ensure that your venue looks excellent and provides you with the look that you want.

Destination wedding budget friendly by BMP Weddings

What is a wedding if you don’t take some pictures to remind you of this special day? So choosing a good photographer is an important part of planning a destination wedding. A good wedding planner will definitely have budget friendly wedding ideas to make sure that the right amount of attention is paid to the people from the extended family or the friends who are close to the bride and groom.

So on the whole if you want budget friendly marriage hire a good budget-friendly wedding planner, then all your hassles will be taken care of and you will have the time and mental space to enjoy the special occasion. Hiring a good wedding planner is not just good for the bride and groom, but also for their family and friends. So just take a detailed look at our website and arrange for a talk regarding your wedding plans at an exotic destination. They cover all of india and also out of india so if you are looking for budget friendly destination wedding in india or outside contact BMP Weddings for your Big Day.